Creative Storytelling Workshop




Creativity, imagination and spontaneity are parts of everyone’s potential. They reveal themselves through dreams, inspiration, archetypes and spontaneous expression. 

But what if we can consciously tap into this source?

Come and tell your story!

This Creative Storytelling workshop focuses on writing and performing stories, specifically fairy tales. A playful approach to create a group synergy, coach each other and discover new things about yourself. The exercises are a combination of tools from improvisation theatre, creative writing, coaching and storytelling.

Meet the fairyteller

The workshop is lead by the trainer, Ramon Martensen, who is an experienced fairyteller. He is not just another writer but a creative storyteller and fairytale coach who will lead you on the exciting journey as you unleash your creative powers and meet your inner child you have probably not seen for a long time…

Surprise yourself and find out what your imagination can create!

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Join our next workshop!

The fairytelling workshops and Story Nights are held all over Budapest where Ramon currently resides. He can also be booked outside of Hungary, but travel expenses and accommodation should be covered by the booker. All upcoming events are posted on Ramon’s Facebook page, so make sure to like it and never miss an opportunity to be inspired and surprised!