When the days are eaten

Prompt: At this point I was bored with the prompts and just put my pen on the paper and started to write whatever came to my mind, without letting the pen leave the paper.

The man who ate the day spat out the stars and left them. He is breathing in and out the shine of the moon as the last bit of comfort he is willing to give us. 

Since the sun is gone the crops have been rotting. I would send her, sacrifice her to make him appreciate light but I don’t. I would much rather have her dance in front of me and look into the eyes I once knew are blue. 

We don’t have anything to eat but it makes her skinnier, her shapes more pronounced. The breasts and ass are always last to go. 

‘Don’t you mind the dark?’ she asks.
I shake my head.
‘I asked him to eat it all you know. If there’s nothing left to see you’ll do with what you have.’
She kisses my cheek.
‘The darkness asks us to lay in bed and forget about everything else.’
So we sleep together while the moon changes fullness and the stars stay where they are.

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