Writing and creating

The Enriching Qualities of Creating Your Own Fairytales

Tales and stories have been around as long as people were able to communicate, and their purposes never changed much over time. Some are created and told to pass on certain wisdom from generation to generation, others to tighten the fabric of a community, and some to give people hope and motivation. 

But what meaning can tales, and especially the creation of them can have in our personal lives? How can they help us to deal with the challenges we face on our path towards growth and understanding? In this article, I will highlight a few ways in which creating your own tales and other magical stories can help you on your personal journey.

1. Clarity

Sometimes we have a feeling that something is not quite right in our life. There are certain things that keep happening to us or there’s a lingering feeling that we can’t quite define. Those feelings often represent unprocessed things that remain in our subconscious. By creating a tale, we tap into the language of the subconscious. Through the symbols, characters, and narratives that we intuitively create, we bring the subconscious to the surface where we can reflect on what it’s trying to tell us.

2. Playfulness

When we are facing challenges or hardship, they often feel overwhelming to us. They can feel too big or too scary to confront. By reimagining the things you face, you take the biggest threat out of it and allow yourself to play with it. You create magic out if it, like a true alchemist. It helps you to gain some control over your difficulties and you develop your imagination in the process.  

3. Exploration

We all know that feeling, we are facing some difficulties in life and we just keep on pondering endlessly over a solution. Analyzing, worrying, weighing… The intellect is not always the best way to deal with problems though. As mentioned before, the subconscious is wiser than we often think. Once you get into the flow of creating a fairytale version of your own life, your intuition kicks. Through the choices your character makes in your story, you can, upon reflection, find new solutions for the problems in your real life.

4. Communication

There’s a lot of power in sharing with others what’s on our mind and the processes we are going through. This creates a connection and makes us feel less lonely. The words to accurately describe what we feel and what we are going through can be hard to find sometimes. To show a story that symbolizes this, can make people feel and experience what you’re going through without you having to be too vulnerable. You engage others and that creates connection.

Would you like to create a fairytale out of your own life? To experience the fullness of your own creative potential and imagination? Check out the possibilities to engage in fairytale coaching and find out if we can explore your inner worlds together.