The Elements of Magical Story Creation

Creating your own tales and fables is a way to transform your inner worlds into magic. It gives you a chance to get in touch with all your creative potential and share it with others who can be sparked and inspired by your creation. To achieve that you need to get in touch with the muse inside yourself and create a state from where your stories can emerge.

There are several ways to allow the flow of storytelling and creation to happen. What are they and how can you get in touch with your inner worlds? Let’s take a moment to explore some techniques that can help you whether you work in a group, by yourself, or with a coach.

1. Create an atmosphere

To create a different world where anything can happen, you have to create a surrounding that lifts you out of your everyday life. A different atmosphere creates a different state of mind. Things like candles, music, and the arrangement of the room will help you to create an atmosphere that suits your creative needs. Make sure you reenter the room after the transformation, so it really feels like you’re entering a new world. 

2. Use a ritual

Religions throughout time and cultures have used rituals, and for good reasons. They form an anchor that sets the intention for the journey you are going to embark on. It’s a great start of the process and snaps you right into the other, magical world. You could do things like lighting a special candle, saying a spell, or closing your eyes and holding hands. 

3. Use meditation

The subconscious is where your creativity and all your inner symbols live. Meditation is a great way to bridge the two worlds that exist inside us. It allows you to open the gates and wander through your inner worlds. Guided meditations tend to work very well, but also mantras and just simple silence help. Anything that works best for you to relax your mind and leave all those everyday worries outside the door. 

4. Collect objects from outside and surround yourself with them

It’s great to take walks and look for interesting things to take home with you from nature and the special shops you visit. Not only do you go out with more intention, but you will also have new things around you with a unique spirit that can inspire you. You basically bring new elements into your world. You can sense these objects’ special energy and summon their spirits to inspire you to create whole new stories.

5.  Close the session

After you have finished your journey, created your story, and came to new insights, it is time to return to the everyday world. You have had an amazing and deepening experience and visited worlds that you never knew existed. Now it’s time to say goodbye and anchor all those beautiful experiences. This way you prevent that your magical world gets caught up in the rush of everyday life. You leave it where it will be waiting for you until the next time. Some things you could do to end the session are blowing out the candles, taking a moment to thank the muse, or closing your eyes and clap when the energy is right to move on.

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