The Colorful Kitten

Once upon a time, there was a very old wizard who lived on the mountain of nearing death, the place all wizards go before they leave this world forever. This particular wizard had lived a long and interesting life full of adventures, but there was one thing bothering him, he had never done anything good with his powers. He had led power-hungry kings to victory, brought immeasurable riches to greedy princes and beauty to vain princesses. Now, looking down at his life from the mountain of nearing death, he decided to do one good thing before ascending into the clouds. 

He decided to create the one thing he knew all the people loved, a little kitten. Now, this was no ordinary kitten, oh no. There were two things very special about it. First of all, it was the cutest anybody had ever seen and it was entirely colorless. 

‘Why don’t I have any color?’ the kitten asked his creator.

The wizard smiled.

‘I have created you to be the bringer of good in this world. You will earn your colors by bringing happiness to those who need it most.’

And so the kitten went into the world to find people he could help with his cuteness and gentle nature. First, he found a boy who was always alone and shivering in his bed. The kitten lay next to him, cuddled with him, and gave him all the warmth his little body could give until the boy his heart grew so warm with love that he was never cold again. For that, the kitten got a pink color. By giving playfulness to a little girl who had forgotten what joy meant, he got his yellow color and he gained blue by purring an anxious little girl into inner peace. 

He had become a very colorful kitten indeed. Now he could make people smile, just by his colorful presence. He thought there was nothing he needed to do anymore to fulfill his purpose, until one day he found a bruised boy crying in the corner. The kitten tried to cheer him up with his colorful fur and cute face, but the boy never smiled. 

‘Why are you crying?’ asked the kitten eventually.

The boy pointed at some dangerous looking guys standing at the corner of the street.  

‘They bully me every time I come by. They call me names and sometimes even beat me up.’

The little kitten wouldn’t tolerate unhappiness in his presence, so he made himself as big as he could and ran towards the bullies. He hissed and showed his teeth, telling them that they should leave his little friend alone, but they didn’t even notice the little ball of fluff at their feet.

Defeated he walked back to the boy and curled up against him. Night after night they slept together, the boy with everlasting fear in his heart and the little kitten with the disappointment of not being able to help his kind-hearted little friend. 

One day the kitten had enough. 

‘There must be something I could do,’ he said to himself.

‘After all, I am created by an all powerful wizard.’ 

He knew it was his time to go on a new journey, back to his origin. 

‘What can I do for you my little kitten?’ the wizard asked when he saw the kitten appear on the mountaintop.

‘I have done much good to the people, but there’s this boy I simply can’t help. He gets bullied, but I’m unable to scare the bullies away from him.’

The wizard laughed as he saw his cute kitten putting on his most intimidating face.

‘I can see why. I have created you to instill love and kindness in the people, not fear. I shall give you the gift of intimidation so you can scare those who deserve it.’

And so the wizard did his magic and a huge horn appeared on the head of the little kitten. The problem was that a big horn is not necessarily more intimidating when it’s on such a tiny creature. It was so big that he had to drag it over the floor, everywhere he went. 

After a long, long journey back from the mountain, the kitten finally found the bullies. He hissed at them, showed them his horn, and warned them that if they ever bullied the boy again, he would rip them to pieces with his new weapon. As the bullies looked down and saw this silly creature with its hanging head and ridiculously big horn, they all started to laugh, call him names, and throw things.

The boy heard the laughter that was so often directed at him and ran to see what was happening. When he saw his little friend’s helplessness and his struggle to keep his cute little head up, something snapped inside him. He ran to the bullies and started to kick and punch them. He yelled at them with a voice so raw that they all ran away. 

When they were finally gone, he picked up his little, beaten, horned friend from the pavement. In his arms, the kitten finally started to pur. He knew the boy was finally safe and that in his arms he could grow strong enough to carry the horn with pride.