object for inspiration

Side Wise

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a huge problem, she was born with two essences. Most of us just get one, a core that drives us, tells us who we are and how we should move through the world. This makes life a lot easier since you always have a whisper inside that guides you towards your truest self. For this girl, life was not that simple. Two essences in one person can be a bit confusing, to say the least. She had one side who was soft and gentle, always willing to make others feel good, and another one who was… Well, let’s say a bit more assertive and action-driven.

You can imagine that this led to a lot of conflict between the two sides inside the girl. The assertive essence not respecting the gentle one’s kindness, seeing it as a weakness that prevented her from getting anywhere in life, and her counterpart always shaking her head to the harsh words and aimless running around of the assertive, action-driven one. 

One day they had enough of all their disagreeing and bickering. They noticed how much they stifled the little girl with it, how she was always restless and hating one side of herself or the other. Both of them agreed that this couldn’t go on any longer. 

In a cave, hidden deep in the forest lived a wise old lady, some might even call her a witch. It was known throughout the world that this lady could offer an answer to any problem imaginable. The two of them agreed that they had to guide the girl to her.

Once the girl arrived in the cave with the two essences bickering inside her, the witch took a good look at her.
‘Ah, I see you are troubled. There’s a great inner conflict that needs solving.’ 
‘Duh, thank you very much Sherlock, but what is the answer to this problem,’ said the assertive one. 
‘What a nice old lady. She truly sees us,’ pondered the kind side in return.

The witch could of course only hear the assertive one, since she was always speaking loudest. 
‘Well, okay then… You want your answer, I’ll give you your answer, but you won’t like it. There’s a sacred deer in the forest. Together you will have to find it, kill it and then burn its fur. After that, you need to throw one of the essences in the fire and the girl shall be freed of all her inner conflicts. The two of you are going to determine for once and for all which one of you is worthy of being the true guiding essence.’

And so they went on their search and thanks to the determination of the assertive one, they quickly found the deer. 
‘Now let’s get this over with, so the girl can finally get on with her life,’ she said.
Her gentle counterpart just shook her head firmly. 
‘No, I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to kill an innocent creature or sacrifice you for my own existence.’
Assertiveness sighed. 
‘You with your everlasting, stifling weakness. You do realize that this means that it’s you who will be thrown in the fire.’
Kindness straightened her shoulders. 
‘If that’s how it needs to be, then that’s what I will accept. To keep on living after doing something so much against my nature is to not live as myself at all.’
Assertiveness looked at her in astonishment. Never had she seen kindness speak up for herself like that, taking such a strong stand. For the first time in their lives she realized that it was not a weakness that drove her, but a stronger belief than she herself had ever had. She looked at kindness with newfound respect.
‘We don’t have to do this, I’m sure we can make it work together. With your strong convictions and my ability to get things done, we can fill this girl’s life with purpose and meaning.’
Kindness smiled.
‘I would like that.’

And from a distance, the wise old lady watched the girl and saw the peacefulness return into her eyes. Indeed, every problem has an answer when all the voices are able to hear it.