Fairy Tale Potential in Everyday Life

The last few posts have been all about inspiring you to create a fairy tale version of your life. We have discussed some techniques and story elements that can help you to get on your way. Now it’s time to recognize the things in life that are just waiting to be made into magical tales. Sometimes everything seems so mundane and often we forget to see the magic in the things we take for granted. It’s time to discover what magic awaits us in everyday life. 

1. Emotions and states

Your inner world has a lot to tell you. The sensations that come from within can sometimes consume you and shape the way you look at the world. They have a whole other quality as well, though. You can use these emotions and states as a way to create your main character. Take some time for yourself, light some candles, and focus on the sensations within. What do you see when you try to imagine it? What does it look like, what kind of creature is it, what are its qualities, and what does it want more than anything? By sending your states and emotions on a journey in the form of a character, you will be able to transform them within yourself.

2. Trials and tribulations

We all face challenges in life. It can be work-related, in our romantic relationships, or simply in maintaining a lifestyle that brings us fulfillment. You want to achieve something, but it’s a long way to get there full of obstacles. Sometimes you even get lost on the way. You can reimagine all the elements of your personal challenge into magical, otherworldly parts of a great fairytale. What would your obstacles look like as archetypes? Who or what helped you along the way and what kind of creature would that be? A wizard? A wise old tree? Write down every aspect of your personal challenge in a mindmap and then try to think what all elements steps would look like in a tale. 

3. Your demon

There are people in our lives that weren’t good for us. They made us feel like we are not good enough. They bullied or mistreated us, and sometimes even worse… The trails that these people have left behind can linger inside us. Creating a story about this person can help you to take some of the impact away. Every bad person is struggling with their own challenges and struggles. Start with reimagining this person as a creature. It’s okay to be harsh at this. Is it a demon? An angry dragon? A troll? Now think about the background story of how this creature came to be the way he or she is. What does it want most in the world and what does it need to change its situation? Soon you will feel the relief that compassion and forgiveness can bring after the story gave your demon its own redemption.

4. Your family patterns

Family is home. No matter what the flaws of your particular family are, they are still the people who have been with you all the way and will be there by your side when you need it most. You grew up with them. At the same time, they carry the weight of many generations and that will somehow affect you and everyone in your direct family. In a magical world, how did this pattern came to be? Was it a curse? A spell? Why was it put upon your family and what can you as a protagonist do to break the spell? Find it own in your own story!

These are some of the focus points that can help you to use your own life to create magical tales, with depth and soul. Would you like some more help with this? Why not try individual coaching sessions where I will guide you through the possess. Enjoy the magic!