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Ramon is currently based in Budapest, Hungary.
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It’s a fun and playful way to work with the challenges and questions you face in life. Together we will find the right symbols, metaphors and characters to create entirely new allegorical stories that reflect your personal journey!

We will talk about the themes you want to work with and we tap into your creative mind. From there you create your very first fairy tale. 

The first 30 minute long online session is free of charge. After that you can schedule your next 90 minute session for €45 or 6 sessions for €200.

It’s a trial where you can see if this approach suits you and if we can establish a relationship that inspires you.

I have been a storyteller and writer for quite a long time now. I’ve always used symbols, metaphors and stories to make sense of the world and my life. I got to know how stories work and relate to the human experience. Later in life I entered the field of coaching. I learned about many of the tools and got to work with amazing people. At some stage I wanted to combine these passions and so the fairy tale coaching was born. I have been working with several clients now and all with very inspiring results. 

I’m a writer, teacher, coach, trainer, performer… It has been a long journey to find out what it is that I have to give, and I have finally found it. I want to bring imagination to the world for a living!