Fairytale Coaching

Do you want to engage in an original and imaginative way to grow as a person and take control of your life? Then fairy tale coaching might be right for you...

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There’s a reason why
people love to tell stories so much...

Our own lives can be seen as one big story with different smaller ones in between. Every time we face a challenge, when we want to grow as people or we encounter new situations, we embark on a journey that unfolds exactly like a story towards our own happy ending. 

Writing fairy tales to
reflect on your own journey

is a great way to look at yourself, your life and the world around in a new way. We will work with the themes that are relevant in your life and I will help you to find symbols, allegories and archetypes that shine a new light on them. After each session you will have created your very own allegorical story that is a metaphorical reflection of your life, challenges and questions.

Together we will create fairytales that represent
your personal journey, discovering answers
that were inside you all along...



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