Cancer, Chrystals And A Black Cat

Cancer, Chrystals And A Black Cat She wears the crystal between where her breasts once were. It’s the hippy type that has healing powers, at least that’s what she claims. I would strongly recommend a doctor, but doctors are liars or lizard people or some shit like that. ‘They will come back one day, don’t worry.’She takes […]

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A New Day

A New Day “I try to kiss her but all of the sudden I feel the boredom of a million kisses and touches in my stomach. I roll away from her.” She is laying on her back in the sand. There’s nobody around, nor will there be. Her body is radiating heat and she smells

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Faces Prompt: Integrate one of the languages of love into a story ‘I don’t like the winter days to be so short,’ she says.We just woke up, the day just started but she’s already worried about the end of it. She has opened the curtains. Every form of intimacy will be a show now.‘The winter

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When the days are eaten

When the days are eaten Prompt: At this point I was bored with the prompts and just put my pen on the paper and started to write whatever came to my mind, without letting the pen leave the paper. The man who ate the day spat out the stars and left them. He is breathing

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Dungeons and demons

Dungeons and demons Prompt: Write a character that is on a journey with several others. The character needs to be comprised of two elements and be hiding a secret. The tram seems to sigh as it drags itself up the Freedom Bridge, leaving us behind. It always looked to me like trams are spitting out

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Once and again

Once and again Prompt: Write an encounter but from the perspective of the other person. He is late again and I don’t hate him for it. I would have just hoped that after this much time he would rush, break the pattern, show exceptional behaviour in this exceptional situation. The coffee I ordered for him

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Angels And Attachment Issues

Angels And Attachment Issues Prompt: Write an interaction with your guardian angel in the form of a scene, poetry or prose  ‘So you really like this one?’Angelina’s green eyes are looking at me from over the shoulders of the naked girl sleeping next to me.‘I don’t know. She’s fun and her room smells nice,’ I

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Wounded Are people overly nice? or are they just trying to feel good like a good person? Only you know the answer. I see her figure from the distance, hidden in her hair and with a book on her lap. She wears a woolen, ragged sweater, even though it’s spring time. ‘Hello there,’ I say.

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