A New Day

“I try to kiss her but all of the sudden I feel the boredom of a million kisses and touches in my stomach. I roll away from her.”

She is laying on her back in the sand. There’s nobody around, nor will there be. Her body is radiating heat and she smells salty. I kiss her neck and her breasts.

‘Mmm,’ she moans as she rubs herself into position. I let my tongue make the path we have traveled together, catching all the water drops on my tongue. Her sandals and bikini bottom are next to us on the bath towel. She rubs through my hair as I gently spread her legs. Her heavy breathing suggests excitement mixed with anticipation. It’s our first time like it has been every time the sun came up here. 

My head goes between her legs and she starts breathing heavily. We started later today. We were held up by something mundane, something practical that needed to be done. I forgot what it was like all the mundane things are easily forgotten here. I just remember the sun being sharper as the day progressed. Like it was getting impatient. 

I touch the soft skin between her legs with my tongue. She freezes.
‘Stop it!’
I jerk back.
She sits up.
‘It feels… Well, so bland. Like we have done this a thousand, no a million times before.’
‘But it’s okay, isn’t it?’
She looks up at the sky.
‘I told you we should be here in time.’
The sun is burning on our skins. 
‘She likes to watch. She wants to see the magic. That’s the only reason why she lets it be the first time every time.’
I look at the shadows of palm trees that are stretching further and further over the beach. 
‘But she can go with a shorter version, can’t she?’
‘No, she can’t. That’s the whole deal. We perform, she renews the experience.’
I try to kiss her but all of a sudden I feel the boredom of a million kisses and touches in my stomach. I roll away from her.
‘Will we now are as old as we are supposed to be?’ she asks as our own shadows lay still in the sand. 
‘How could we be? How long have we been here?’
She has put her hands on her bare stomach. They move up and down.
‘I don’t know. The sun makes us forget every time we see her sun rays, doesn’t she?’
She sighs. 
‘What do you see when you look at me now?’
‘Let’s not talk about it.’

I close my eyes and imagine her all the first times she came stepping out of the sea. The drops sliding down her spine. Licking them all away while she sits on her knees in front of me. I start to masturbate with the woman stinking of familiarity shivering next to me while the sun disappears. 

She is shaking intensely now, her whole body moving. There are wrinkles everywhere on her body. Her breasts are just hanging down on each side of her body. 
‘Can you hold me?’ she asks with shattering teeth. 
‘I can’t,’ I say. ‘The stars and the moon don’t care.’
She continues to rub her whole body for a bit of warmth. Then it gets quiet. I look next to me. There’s a frozen body full of zits and other irregularities. It’s disgusting in a way.

I start to make a raft out of the branches I find on the beach and push it with her floating on it into the sea. I watch it disappear into the horizon as the first sun rays are reflected on the water. A naked woman comes walking up from the distance. This one has smaller but tighter breasts and blond hair.

‘It’s good you came so early,’ I say.
‘The sun likes to watch every single bit of it.’

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