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“Wouldn’t it be nice to be a library book. Everytime someone takes you, they want to know everything about you, and when they’re bored, they just bring you back to be picked up by someone else. You never have to worry that they keep you just because they’ve invested in you, or that they put you on a shelf to brag to other people.”


“Since the sun is gone the crops have been rotting. I would send her, sacrifice her to make him appreciate light but I don’t. I would much rather have her dance in front of me and look into the eyes I once knew are blue.”


“The winter exists for people who want to hide. It always takes me the whole day not to be one of them.”


“I try to kiss her but all of the sudden I feel the boredom of a million kisses and touches in my stomach. I roll away from her.”


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About Ramon

Once upon a time there was a boy whose world was ever changing. All the time he had to meet new places and people. There was only one thing that stayed constant in his life, the worlds and creatures that lived inside his mind. As his outside world became more chaotic, he went deeper and deeper into his world until one day, before going to sleep, a buzzing sound filled his room. There he saw her, a little creature with colourful wings standing on his pillow…

Fairytale Coaching

an original and imaginative way to grow as a person

Why fairytale coaching?


Let your imagination float free and
discover your true self along the way.


Let your creative juices flow!
Tap into your inner creative power.


Get in touch with your inner child
and grow as a person.

What People Say

About Fairytale Coaching

Highly recommended!

I had a wonderful time attending Ramon’s workshop. He guided us on an amazing storytelling journey and we all returned home with our very own fairytales and smiles in our hearts. I highly recommend that you try his workshops if you have a chance!
With Ramon I had the chance to experience twice the beautiful storytelling nights! Ramon is not only really good at saying the story with his creatures and his captivating voice but living the story and transmitting this to the people around him! Hidden messages and always something unexpected that will change the story are things that keep the audience's interest on!
I started my storytelling coaching with Ramon during a difficult time in my life. I recently moved to a big city, felt isolated and lost. and was very unhappy overall. A significant part of my unhappiness was coming from my past and all the stories I was telling myself about how big of a victim I am to have a life like mine. Through working on these stories, with Ramon, we managed to re-frame them and put a lot of meaning into my pain. So instead of continuing to ruminate on my losses, hurt and failure I could accept them as legitimate parts of my life and I could see the valuable lessons they carry. These lessons made me wiser, aware and resilient. It was my first time experiencing storytelling coaching and I can honestly say that it was a lot of fun. For me, the creative process came easily and I was very happy to connect to my subconscious mind with the intention to heal. I found it to be more powerful than any talk therapy or traditional life coach. As a coach , Ramon was very present and patient throughout our session. He was skillfully guiding the creative and making great interventions. He was always honest and told me what I needed to hear. His perspective on things was a very valuable part of the storytelling. I would recommend Ramon's services to anyone who is looking to grow and heal as a person. Thank you for everything!

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